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For Customers


A single platform allowing your business to search, shop, book, merchandise, pay, & service bookings seamlessly across 370+ LCCs & 42+ NDC airlines.


Integrated within tfFlight API, tfRail API provides intelligent search capabilities that enable comparison between rail & air results based on location, distance, duration, and cost.


Rich and diverse hotel content in a single API with competitive pricing from China (, UK (Premier Inn & Travelodge) & industry giant and Expedia.


Certified at NDC level 4, we now offer the most advanced and easily-adopted platform for the future of distribution - tfNDC.


Seamlessly integrated into the Travelfusion booking flow, tfPay can also be used as a stand-alone payment solution for any flight, hotel, car, or GDS booking while earning agents the most competitive rebates in the industry.


Used by the world’s leading TMCs, Corporates and OTAs to interface with their existing desktop applications and fully automate the process of searching, booking and servicing offline LCC, NDC, and Rail bookings.


Returns unique flight combinations, intelligently selected to regularly offer prices 10x cheaper than the cheapest direct flight whilst balancing and maintaining a reasonable journey time.


Ensures that the heavy traffic on the airline systems is within acceptable limits, whilst providing users with instant responses.


Already offering fantastic coverage and unique content in Europe and Asia, tfAir’s scope continues to grow worldwide.


In line with our commitment to continue delivering exciting and innovative advanced ancillary services for our agency customers, Travelfusion can now offer a flight Cancellation For Any Reason service.

For Suppliers

tfAirline NDC

The industry’s most cost effective and reliable NDC API channel designed specifically for FSCs and LCCs of any size.

tfPay ASP

Airlines can set up any currency to bill for the booked flights and manage all payments, commissions and reconciliation in real-time. tfPay ASP is fully PCI DSS compliant.