Travelfusion embraced NDC at its origin when the programme started in 2015. We’ve been at the forefront ever since.

Certified NDC API, we now offer the most advanced and easily-adopted platform for the future of distribution - tfNDC.

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Business Benefits

tfNDC: The most widely used NDC solution winning an ever-increasing market share of FSC distribution in all channels.


Always up-to-date with the latest airline NDC versions and closely aligned with NDC standards, providing a huge advantage in managing the complexities of direct airline distribution.

58+ NDC Carriers

Benefit from the biggest line of production-ready NDC FSC carriers generating more NDC bookings than any other aggregator in the world.

Commission Management

Support for all types of agency commissions with full management of payment delivery and reconciliation.

Caching & Load Management

Our years of experience have helped us to develop the most advanced caching solutions for NDC, enabling large and data-hungry OTAs to operate within acceptable L2B ratios.


Enables agents to roll out NDC on any of the leading OBTs and be able to retrieve, view and change/cancel the online booking in our offline solution, tfDesktop.

Reporting and Mid-Back Office

API pull or XML push for all NDC bookings directly into mid-back office systems or customised write-backs into ghost/passive segments.

Technical & Booking Support

24/7/365 technical and booking support, including tracking and monitoring of the NDC channel.

Branded Fares Module

A special call at the search stage will return all the fare attributes and fees associated with the flight, including branded fares, included features, card fees and change/cancel fees.

Standout Features

A comprensive NDC feature set. We’ve been the natural choice for both airlines & agents when bringing NDC to market.


All branded fares and fare family types including Special, Corporate, ITX and Agency fares.

Full Shopping Capability

Full shopping capability including codeshares.


Full ancillary support including luggage, seats, meals, and many more!

Mini Fare Rules

All branded fares and fare family types.

Frequent Flyer Support

Full support for loyalty programs.

Multi-Cabin Options

All cabins available with upsell cabability supported.

Multi-Option Settlement

Settlement available via BSP, card, or tfPay.

On Hold

Full support for delayed ticketing.


Full support for all post-ticketing services: change/cancel, void, and ancillaries.

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