tfAir aggregates distressed flight inventory from a number of specialised services as well as directly from tour operators and airlines.

With over 150k flights already in the database, tfAir’s content and coverage is expanding continuously as new suppliers choose to distribute their inventory through Travelfusion. Offering custom and distressed content that is not available anywhere else via direct webservices, tfAir's scope continues to grow worldwide.

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Business Benefits

tfAir presents both customers and suppliers with a unique opportunity to benefit from Travelfusion’s huge distribution network by achieving fast sales of distressed stock while allowing agencies to offer exclusive content at special rates.

Easy to Deploy

After setting up an account, the airline, tour operator, or rail operator will be given access to an online inventory management tool in order to upload their content for distribution manually, or dynamically through a dedicated API.

Immense Market Opportunities

Enables suppliers to easily manage their inventory and make it instantly available to our huge distribution network.

Increases Efficiency

Managing inventory on tfAir is simple and easy - delivering airlines, tour operators, and rail companies distribution efficiencies, with the opportunity for distribution at scale through a simple API.

Cost-Saving Distribution

tfAir is fully integrated with the agent’s reservation system, saving implementation costs as no development is required.

Standout Features

From a customer’s perspective, the highlights include:

Quick Enable

Quick enabling and access to content, as simple as activating any Travelfusion supplier - just flick a switch!

Boost Your Metasearch Presence

Exclusive fares lead to competitive positioning on metasearches.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content with competitive pricing on key regional and long-haul routes.

From a supplier’s point of view, tfAir offers:

Easy Upload

Easy upload and management of fares, manually or dynamically according to your needs.

Simple Booking Management

Easy management of booked flights.

Immediate Sales

Immediate sales via the extensive Travelfusion distribution network on the leading OTAs and metas.

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