tfRail is the largest aggregated rail content platform integrating with European, North American and Chinese rail operators all in a single API.

Integrated within tfFlight API, tfRail API provides intelligent search capabilities that enable comparison between rail & air results based on location, distance, duration & cost.

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Business Benefits

tfRail: a single source for access to shopping, booking & servicing all the major rail operators across Europe, North America & China.

Simple to Use

Connect to a single API for both rail and air content and benefit from the world’s most advanced shopping, booking, and servicing capabilities from hundreds of suppliers.

Unrivalled Content

One integration to access all key European, North American, & exclusive Chinese Rail content.

Smart Search

Location-based searching by city and station with additional cost filtering, all including simultaneous air and rail fare comparison.

Superior Conversion

Benefit from industry-highest success rates in booking attempts thanks to proven scalability and state of the art Supplier integration technologies.

Seamless Payment

Flexible payment either using; tfPay to benefit from seamless settlement, or settling directly via supplier accounts. Billing available in your preferred currency.

Standout Features

From Shopping to Servicing, tfRail has the booking experience covered.


Special, standard and discounted fares.

Ticketing & Reservations

Ticket on departure, print at home or e-ticket fulfillment.


Changes and cancellations supported.


Add-on services, including meals and seat selection.

MI Dashboard

Detailed stats on all stages of the booking process, errors, response times, load and L2B ratios.

Real-Time Reporting

All reports available in real-time via the online reports portal.

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