tfPay is a global supplier settlement solution that offers a secure, cost-effective way to manage bookings across suppliers worldwide.

Seamlessly integrated into the Travelfusion booking flow, tfPay can also be used as a stand-alone payment solution for any flight, hotel, car, or GDS booking while earning agents the most competitive rebates in the industry.

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Business Benefits

tfPay: the next-generation payment and settlement solution for direct-connect, GDS and NDC bookings.

Industry-Highest Rebates

Where corporate cards are accepted, the tfCashBack model offers the highest available Rebates for both Travelfusion and GDS bookings.

Seamless Reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation per transaction with a matching payment record including automated refund handling and integration with accounting and ERP systems.

Flexible Settlement

tfPay allows for quoting and billing in a currency of your choice, with no exchange fees on 27+ currencies.


Security is our highest priority. Spend with enhanced audit and controls, for absolute peace of mind.

Reduces Payment Failures

tfPay bypasses the ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘SecureCode by MasterCard’, thereby reduces card failure rates.

Easy to Deploy

tfPay is a ‘plug and play’ solution, meaning no technical expertise is required to implement this payment solution for your organisation.

Real-Time Reporting

Fully reconciles and automates all billing transactions and booking data for real-time and comprehensive reporting.

Fraud-Free Operation

Transactions are prepaid or paid using corporate cards, meaning fraud is eliminated.

Standout Features

A highly configurable feature set.

Multiple Agency Payment Methods

You’re free to choose between tfDeposit, tfCredit, or tfMerchant.

Account With Airlines (AWA)

We settle directly with the airlines who do not accept standard forms of payment.

Online Reports

Each transaction and payments detailed in comprehensive reports.

BSP Supported

Supports all Business Settlement Plan (BSP) payments.

70+ ‘tfPay Only’

Airlines which do not accept the standard forms of payments are fully supported

Local PoS Currency

Quote and bill in your local point of sale currency regardless of the airline currency.

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