tfConnect is the industry’s leading B2B virtual interlining solution, designed to keep OTAs competitive by allowing them to offer unique new content.

tfConnect returns unique flight combinations, intelligently selected to regularly offer prices 10x cheaper than the cheapest direct flight whilst balancing and maintaining a reasonable journey time.

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Business Benefits

tfConnect offers entirely new routes and flight combinations of airlines which until now have never been connected.

Seamless Adoption

tfConnect is extremely simple for Travelfusion customers to deploy, requiring only the flick of a switch to return flight combinations integrated into the response.

Boost Your Metasearch Presence

The unique flight combinations returned from tfConnect provide competitive positioning on metasearches.

Enhanced User Experience

The complexities of making multiple bookings are handled in the background, providing the user with one booking with a unified price and currency.

Minimal UI Changes

Only simple UI changes are needed to reflect the fact that the user is booking two flights, minimising the work needed by the OTA to start offering this unique content.

Standout Features

Features and options to suit your business requirements.

New Routes and Fares

New routes and fares which do not exist in any shopping engine.

tfConnect Guarantee

Cover and support for any case where the connecting flight was either delayed and/or disrupted such that the onward flight was missed.

Fully Managed

Shopping, booking and post-booking management all handled by Travelfusion.


Simple to enable: all this rich content & functionality comes under a single tf Supplier - ‘Hubrouting’. Just switch it on!


White-label or managed by Travelfusion - you have two options for support: either manage it yourself or let Travelfusion manage all support issues including delays or disruptions with the connections.

Single payment

Single payment and single price - the entire complex journey comes under a single itinerary.

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