Boost your ancillary revenue and improve your user experience by offering a fully automated checkin process via our tfOnlineCheckin API.

tfOnlineCheckin allows you to sell automated checkin as an ancillary service during the booking process. Travellers can be seamlessly checked in on any flight, whether it was booked via Travelfusion or not.

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Business Benefits

Our simple to use tfOnlineCheckin API allows for quick and seamless integration of this product into your UI and booking flow.

Boost ancillary revenue

Add tfOnlineCheckin to your range of offered services to grow and diversify your revenues.

Full coverage

Automate checkin for any flight in the global inventory with a single integration.

Seamless checkin process

Offer your travellers a service that will deliver their boarding pass as soon as checkin is open - without their involvement

Live status check

The API allows you to check the status of the checkin at any time after purchase to keep travellers updated.

Standout Features

Dynamic required parameters

The necessary information required for checkin, including APIS, is returned dynamically in our API response to ensure a successful checkin process.

Multi-language support

Boarding passes can be customised to dynamically display the relevant language for the brand/market.

All journeys covered

Multi-pax, multi-segment, one-way and return journeys for any time frame are supported.

Fully compliant boarding passes

Boarding passes generated via tfOnlineCheckin are compliant by IATA and airline standards.

Customisable scope

tfOnlineCheckin allows whitelisting or blacklisting of any route or airline.

Real-time reporting

Our Reports dashboard allows you to monitor performance, invoicing, and volume for up-to-date tracking.


Emails are sent once a checkin is done or if the checkin cannot be done.

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