tfOneOrder represents the most comprehensive suite of servicing functionalities available on any platform via Travelfusion’s APIs or web UI tools.

tfOneOrder allows you to stream order data within and between platforms, meaning you can feed disruption notifications and live status updates directly into your system, modify an OBT booking in your own offline application, and receive detailed structured order breakdowns for your reconciliation and reporting.

In short, tfOneOrder makes comprehensive NDC adoption at scale possible.

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Modify any aspect of your order where all possible voluntary servicing is supported and deployable immediately to your agents with Travelfusion’s web UI tools, while possessing the capability to track all bookings via Travelfusion’s dedicated Reports and integrate with tfMYB APIs for use in your own agency tools.


Efficient disruption handling that allows for seamless adoption of new content, providing order change notifications delivered to you by dedicated APIs or accessible directly in tfIBE/Desktop, as well as structured breakdowns of disruption events, and a full suite of disruption handling options.


An innovative cross-platform service, closing one of the major gaps in NDC distribution, where you can retrieve any order made in your Online Booking Tool in tfIBE/Desktop or in your own agency tool, as well as the ability to view and modify your order via tfMYB APIs or offline tools.


Automate the check-in process for any flight in the world inventory, whether the booking is made via Travelfusion or elsewhere, supporting all itinerary types and integrated via a simple API or via tf offline tools/white label, allowing you to retrieve the latest passenger check-in status and flight details, or cancel the requested check-in, if necessary.

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