tfCache is the industry’s most advanced suite of caching solutions.

Designed to meet the robust needs of OTAs and metas for high volumes of shopping requests, tfCache ensures that traffic on airline systems is within acceptable limits, whilst providing you with rich data instantly.

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Business Benefits

tfCache offers state-of-the-art solutions designed to meet the ever-increasing data needs of OTAs while at the same time protecting Suppliers from heavy load.

IU (Incremental Updates)

Incremental updates push fresh data immediately from the airline to your system, providing exclusively new data to feed your cache.

Quick Cache

Quick cache is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for controlling load and providing super-fast response times.

Load Protection

Both IU & quick cache effectively provide suppliers from heavy load while providing accurate and up-to-date responses.

Ready for NDC at Scale

With the launch of NDC, cache solutions have come into sharper focus due to the diminished capability of FSCs to sustain load. tfCache is the sophisticated solution agencies need to operate with NDC at scale.

Standout Features

IU (Incremental Updates) features include:

Pushed Data

IU data is 'pushed' immediately to the customer as soon as we receive it from the airlines so it is never old.

Intelligent Updates

IU data is updated intelligently to match the actual usage of most world travellers, based on the enormous user-base that only Travelfusion has access to.

Always New

IU data is always new. We only update items that have changed, rather than re-exporting the entire data set.

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