tfPay ASP is the leading global direct to airline settlement solution which offers Suppliers the most secure and cost effective way to manage settlements, reconciliations and transfers with every third party.

Powered by tfPay ASP, airlines can set up any currency to bill for the booked flights and manage all payments, commissions and reconciliation in real-time. tfPay ASP is fully PCI DSS compliant.

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Business Benefits

tfPay ASP is a next-generation airline payment and settlement solution offering the most cost-effective and secure way to settle payments for flight bookings.

Direct Settlement

Funds will be directly transferred into the airline’s preferred local bank account.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Full real-time reconciliation for every transaction against the billable payment.

Automatic Payments

Funds will be automatically transferred once a pre-agreed threshold has been reached.

Fraud-Free Operation

Transactions are prepaid or paid using corporate cards, meaning fraud is eliminated.

Standout Features

A comprensive set of payment features to manage all payments, commissions and reconciliation in real-time

Scheme Semoval

Scheme Semoval

Settlement Simplication

Settlement in one 
currency for all billable multi-currency transactions


PCI & GDPR compliant

CSV Export

Reconciliation with accounting and financial systems with downladable CSV files

Commission Scheme

Full support for any commission and/or mark up schemes

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