Alliance Air (formerly Air India Regional) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIAHL (AI Assets Holding Ltd.) which is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV ) formed by Government of India after the disinvestment of Air India Limited. It was founded in April 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian Airlines (later merged with Air India in 2011 and remained a subsidiary till 2022) and mainly operates domestic routes as part of the government's Regional Connectivity Scheme.


Low-Cost Carrier (LCC)

This airline minimises operating costs, excluding some traditional services and amenities, to provide lower fares.


Payment via Travelfusion’s own tfPay solution is supported on this airline, allowing you to earn rebates while guaranteeing a 99% payment success rate. You can find out more about tfPay here.


The fMerchant solution allows you to submit your cards to Travelfusion with Travelfusion acting as the merchant. You can find out more on this solution in the tfMerchant section here.

Multilingual T&C

Terms and conditions for bookings on this airline can be returned in English during the booking process.

Multilingual Email Confirmation

Confirmation emails for this airline can be sent in English according to your requirements.

Luggage Options

Additional luggage may be purchased during the booking process, this can be offered as an ancillary product.